Be Awake

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Be Awake is the only message that is a mandate. Of course since judging is not a part of my nature it does not mean “do this or else.” Rather, consider that right after these two words, Be Awake, you hear a roaring applause, a clap of thunder, or a blast of horns. It is so important for you to Be Awake. The beginning messages encourage increasing awareness, looking in different directions, learning, listening, sensing and noticing. These are all the beginning movements of Be Awake and with Be Awake there is no turning back.  This is not because you have made some unchangeable commitment.

Once you are awake there is no turning back because you are touched. Yes, touched! You are touched by the prayers of the community, touched by the deepening and expanding connections you experience, touched by the voices of the children and the sound of their music, touched by the energetic flows that you now sense, touched by the wounds you see and the multi-generational wounds that flow like rivers across time.

This might seem overwhelming. Yet a clarity emerges about what you feel called to do as you stand in the middle of your gifts and move to be of service. In this moment it is effortless to abandon your old habits. It is with the message of Be Awake that you naturally seek out relationships with witnesses. Witnesses are the people who see the truth of what is happening and share it with others. Witnesses are part of the healing of every community. They too are part of your experience of being touched.

Be Awake will help you Walk Into The Light. These two messages go hand-in-hand. Be Awake also supports your walking across time, which is a natural extension of this message. You begin to see the flow of energy – how the past moves forward impacting the now and how the now or present shapes the future.

The practices introduced in this chapter are 1) Flattening Out the Grooves Created by Habits, 2) Seeing the World Through Another’s Eyes, 3) Creating a Planetary Study Group, 4) Walking Side by Side, 5) Erasing Lines.

  1. sees the impact of how they behave

  2. sees the impact on the future,

  3. moves in all things with clear intention to do no harm.

  4. Knows that all lines are created.

  5. Does not fall into the great myths - The Myth of Being Alone, The Myth that lines are real (maps, beliefs, rules), The Myth of Time.

Everything and everyone is connected. Experiencing this connection is the foundation for exciting new possibilities. The more you are connected the more you grow and flourish as a person. Communities of people also flourish when they are connected to other communities. Each of us is on a journey to experience more connection.