Take Care

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


How do you take care in your life? Some of you will say you have nothing to take care of, because you are poor. I can offer this. I have seen the poorest among you take care with a fullness that sings a rich, bright song. I have also seen the richest among you be silent. So what you have or how much you have does not impact your ability to Take Care. Everyone is a steward.

Towards the end of their lives many people become aware of how they Take Care. If you wish to affect the future, teach your children to Take Care from an early age. So what does it mean to Take Care? The message of Take Care is about valuing sacredness. Across the planet there used to be many sacred places. Now the number is smaller.

Sacred places are also important for listening. So ask yourself, what do you believe is sacred? In this I offer a suggestion. Hold your children as sacred. Hold their schools as sacred places. Keep them well.

The practices introduced in this chapter are 1) Forgiveness, 2) Valuing and Creating Sacred Spaces

  1. cares for herself and those around her

  2. appreciates the sacred in all things

  3. acknowledges that path of others and supports their learning

  4. recognizes that people are more than they share

This is a message of healing. To Take Care  care is to learn to see the sacred in all things. The sacred three are - Free Will, Our Planet Earth, and Our Children. When we Take Care we value the path people are and acknowledge them as a person.