Be With Your Children

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


You have a strange relationship with your children, with the children of your planet. Your relationship is out of balance. The sentences above are worth their own consideration.

People are often looking for the one thing they can do. They say, “Please tell me what to do?”“ Or they say, “What is the one thing I can do or pay attention to that will make a difference?” This is it – Be With Your Children. Apply this to your most complex problems. Your connection with children is a source of both great energy and wisdom. When you bring children forward into your decision-making, hearing their voices directly, listening to those who speak for the children, you are being wise. The world is in need of more wisdom. This message can help.

Be With Your Children literally means be with them, listen to them; hold them well and hold them close to you. Be With Your Children means be with all children, not just your own. One cannot say I am doing this for my child, my children, to make things better, safer for them and act in a manner that harms other children. All children are connected. Also consider that one cannot truly walk in another person’s shoes until they have carried his or her children.

The message Be With Your Children means to embrace the qualities of children in your life – learning, speaking from the heart, listening, and playfulness. This message offers and reminds you that children are the future, the only future, the possibility of change. A baby, any baby, is full of possibility. Today across the world, it makes a big difference where you are born.

The practices introduced in this chapter are 1) The Spirit of Children, 2) Do One Thing at A Time, 3) Discovering Your Practice With Children, 4) How Are the Children?

  1. takes care of their children and the children of their communities,

  2. holds  the children of the world

  3. takes the posture of children and is constantly in learning

  4. Does not abuse, or enslave (physically or emotionally) their children.

  5. Realizes that the future is the children

The message is about our relationship to the world and our future. Our Children are the future, our only hope for change. We learn to be with all the children in our community and in other communities. This is a message for our leaders to Be With The Children as they make decisions