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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Nature of the Core Light

The function of the core light is to heal yourself. You are the best person to heal you. The person who has the most ability to heal you – is you! You have the most knowledge and skills to heal yourself. Does this surprise you? Why is it that when you think about healing you immediately think about healing others, not healing yourself? You have that famous saying: “Physician, heal thyself.” If you want to be of service (helpful) to others, if you want to Do No Harm, then you must learn to heal yourself. Or better stated, you must be healing yourself. For this is an ongoing effort, not a miraculous cure. A good place to start is to develop and nurture your core light.

The core light has three basic functions:

  1. The healing of emotional scars and wounds

  2. The prevention of emotional wounds

  3. The support or backup of the body’s natural healing process

If you are understanding me, you will see that my trail of words is leading to a central idea.

  1. The nature of most wounds is emotional. Most wounds involve a freezing of an emotional incident.

This is very similar to getting a splinter or gravel embedded in your skin. If the splinter is not removed, the wound will become infected, grow, fester. However, if at some point the natural healing process of the body fails, the would will be sealed off and surrounded with scar tissue – always an irritant, always unhealthy.

The core light is akin, in the simplest way, to your natural healing system and it is much more. The core light is an energy generator and amplifier, which transforms the energy of wounds. The core light is the only defense against personal darkness or despair. You must notice that darkness is spreading around your planet. Many of us are greatly concerned and we greatly, greatly support circles of healing which are spontaneously emerging around your planet. Yet, we often find that those participating in the circles are not nurturing or fully using their core lights. This of course limits the expansion and penetration of the attempted healing.

The core light is unique among all the gifts and manifestations of the light. It is a unique energetic organ whose sole purpose is healing. The core light initially evolves when the pattern of events is moving in the direction of the inevitable. This is typically when survival or the fundamental flow of evolution (mental, physical, spiritual) is being stymied or distorted in a deep manner. Which unfortunately is the case on your planet.

The core light is difficult to explain in your “normal way of thinking.” In many ways it is the last defense against a distortion or corruption in the “natural flow.” It is “given” only under these circumstances: when the extinction of a pattern of free-will beings is moving in a seemingly inevitable manner; and second when this extinction is self-created or influenced.

Emotions as Energy

Your emotional decisions are choking your planet. While it is a discourse of many more pages, let me say to you that emotions are energy. Let me say this again: emotions are energy. It is a unique vibrational pattern with manifestations in many forms. Thought is also energy, though its breadth and depth and therefore impact are much less.

Many tend to think of emotions as baser than thought – something primal or rather primitive. They are primal, but far from primitive. Emotions exist on multiple levels and their effect and impact occurs in many ways. The core light also exists on these same levels. This is why it is able to heal emotional pain and scarring. I hope all this seems obvious and has the ring of truth to you. Is it striking a chord of resonance inside you?

Do you sense that something is imbalanced on your planet? The purpose of this discourse is not to convince you of this. I am discussing this now because it is essential to understanding the core light. The two ideas are linked together – one is expressed only when the other is present.

Emotions do not exist (elsewhere) in the variety, breadth, depth and intertwining between light and darkness, as much as they do on your planet. This is cause for great possibility and enthusiasm. It is ironic, the trend towards objectivity. This really means a trend towards limitations and a choking of energy flows. The trend of learning is towards “subjectivity and sensing.” The trend of learning is in the direction of the harmonization of emotion, not its suppression through “objectivity.” Objectivity when linked to the control or repression of emotion creates a space of being stuck.

  1. In healthy situations, emotions as a form of energy should flow from and through people as a nourishing circuit of energy. You see this every day when you are in the presence of two people who deeply care for one another. 

It is so obvious how the energy flows back and forth between them and is not limited to these two people – everybody around them is nourished also. To see this phenomenon, go to an airport. Watch people being greeted by their loved ones. You can feel and see the energy of anticipation and then how the energy flows and intensifies when they see and sense their family and friends. If you watch carefully, you will see that the energy flow of their emotions starts well before they touch one another. The energy is actually reaching out across time and space. This also happens when you inexplicably sense something has happened to someone and you feel an urge to contact them.

The energy flow of these emotions is not limited to just the two people. If a family shows up, the energy flows across all of them. They all have smiles on their faces as the energy ripples and flows across all of them. How do you feel as you watch them? Are you affected at all? Can you feel some of the energy ebbing and flowing into your system also? Are you smiling and feeling happy or appreciating what you are seeing?

The core light is a vehicle of sensing and subjectivity. You can begin to experience the core light by healing your emotional wounds.

Actively Using and Strengthening Your Core Light

The core light can be used intentionally or unintentionally. Left alone it will carry out its purpose automatically. This is the same for all the physical organs in your body. However, you can learn to strengthen your heart or control the rhythm of its beating. In addition, there are things you can do to make your heart healthier or to make it unhealthy. Both your heart and the core light are always true to their purpose. Also remember that just as the health, vibrancy, strength of our physical hearts vary, so can the health, vibrancy, strength of the core light vary.

I am very worried for many of you. I see your core lights flickering and in some I see them dimming. This is not helpful. Your core light should never flicker, never dim. It is an essential organ in your (energetic) body – as essential to you as your lungs.

Because of the condition of your planet, you cannot survive without your core light. It is very possible that many who kill themselves, kill others without remorse, those who walk in darkness, have let their core light grow dim. It is difficult, if not almost impossible, to “walk in darkness” if your core light burns brightly.

So how well, how bright, how strong does your core light shine? Do you have a sense of this? How well are you at healing your emotional aches and pains? In simple emotional upsets (and maybe for big ones) your core light, if you can let it work, can automatically heal your wounds.

  1. The best way to develop our core light is to intentionally use it. The core light never tires nor grows fatigued. It is an ever-renewable source of healing energy. It literally converts the energy of trapped emotional pains to a flowing energy. 

Here is a simple practice to consider:

  1. 1.Pick an experience from your recent past, not a traumatic one (it is best to start simple). Replay this situation in your mind with as much detail as possible, until you feel the emotions of the past (anger, hurt, or it may be more diffuse and express itself as uncomfortableness).

  2. 2.Once you have identified the emotion associated with the memory, see if you can imagine where in your body this emotion is located. It is alright if you cannot find it. Try using large coordinates – upper part of body, lower part of body. (This is helpful for several reasons.) While you use the entire body for storage, it is not uncommon to store emotional upsets that are healed in a similar location in the body.

  3. 3.If you have located an area of the body, see if you can visualize any form the upset is taking. Frequently, it may be seen as something small and tight or hard and gnarled, or irregular and crusty – but it is not always like this.

  4. 4.Next, simply use your core light to heal this emotional scar. If it is helpful to you, you can imagine the core light bathing this scar with a warm, medium-bright light – a nice light-pastel color of any shade is fine. If you can, hold this image for about five minutes. If not, do not worry.

  5. 5.Do this twice in one day.

  6. 6.On the next day return to this practice and try to visualize the hurt (where it was located and/or what it looked like). If you picked something small, it should be gone. If it is not, do not worry – your core light is working and it will be soon! It is possible in some cases that you might have seen this emotional scar disappearing or changing as you visualized it.

  7. 7.Again, it is only necessary to use your free will to decide to have the core light heal this small emotional scar. Some people are more attuned to their body then others.  Do Not Worry if you have trouble visualizing, just holding the intention is enough.

Think about unhealed emotional events as pockets of trapped energy. Remember we spoke earlier about emotions being a powerful form of energy.

A first move is to acknowledge the core light – to accept that it exists. A second move is to begin to work with it consciously and intentionally. The third move is to learn to program the core light to be used in the most beneficial ways possible for yourself and for yourself in relationship with others.

Think about the core light in this manner – it is a complex resource capable of many functions. Much like an airplane, it can be set to autopilot but also accomplish many things. It can support your emotional healing. Yet when taken off autopilot and guided by you, it can accomplish a great many things. A primary function of the core light is prevention and protection.

Preventing Emotional Wounds and Protecting your Space

A second practice or use of the core light involves protection and prevention. Prevention is a highly desirable state to achieve all over the world. Prevention can occur through a process or practice called shielding. In shielding you proactively ask the core light to protect you from the strong waves of negative energy that can occur between two people who have powerful emotional connections.

In any difficult or stressful situation your core light can shield yourself from anyone’s negative or invasive energy and in prevent you from sending negative energy to another. This can be done in a few minutes before or doing in a difficult emotional conversations by taking several deep breaths into your body and saying something very simple to your core light.

  1. “As I see and talk with John today do not allow any negative energy to escape from me and be directed at John. Let this energy be converted into supportive energy. In addition, do not allow any of John’s negative energy to harm me or evoke my negative energy. Allow his energy to just simply pass around me.”

Another approach is to visualize a shield around your entire body. A simple practice to do this is the following:

  1. 1.Close your eyes, take two deep breaths, imagine a twelve-inch band of light and have it encircle your body from head to toe. Then place another band of light around the area of your waist. A third band of light encircles you from the top of your right shoulder to the heel of your left foot. A fourth band of light encircles you from your left shoulder to your right heel.

  2. 2.A fifth band of light starts at the top of your head moves to your left shoulder down your side to your left ankle underneath you feet back up your right side to the top of your head.

  3. 3.Once you have visualized these five bands, ask your core light to “create a shield” by simply saying the word “shield.”

  4. 4.It is then helpful to imagine all the bands blending into a sphere around your entire body. As you develop this practice you can learn to “code” the shield in different ways.

The core light is always reinforced by the visualization process. It is more powerful because you are communicating with the core light in multiple ways to consciously activate it. In more tense situations or when you feel the risk is greater, you can go one step further with this practice by visualizing a second set of bands about six inches in width (again five bands) and fuse them also into a sphere. This is followed by a third set of bands about 1-2 inches in diameter (again 5) and fuse them into a sphere visually. The “coding” of the sphere(s) can be done for any purpose that is supportive and healing. When you become skilled in visualizing, the practice can take very little time and be done anywhere or anytime. Coding also involves setting a time frame for the shielding – usually no more than 24 hours.

I encourage you to experiment with activating your core light in these different ways. I cannot express strongly enough how beneficial these practices can be. This is where the work is needed with each person. In addition, when one person’s core light is active as they come in contact with other people, their core lights will be in connection with one another, increasing the benefit of these practices.

Start off small. Use these three practices. Keep a journal. Write down what you begin to notice in your body as you intentionally activate your core light. The three practices involve: 1) Healing past emotional scars; 2) Creating equilibrium in intense situations; and 3) Prevention of harm or abuse

Question - Is the Core Light Real?

Answer: Is your heart real? Yes, of course the core light is real. Everyone the instant they begin to experiment will recognize its presence. The exercises described will make this awareness even easier. The comfort they get from using the core light will be immediate. The healing properties of the core light will cement people’s understanding.

Your world is primarily impacted by energy. This energy has numerous forms and is exchanged by human beings. The energy exchange can be harmful or helpful. People carry emotional wounds that directly impact their behavior, typically this means that their experience of what is possible is impaired. The possibilities are always there, however they do not experience them fully. Now let me mention one more thing. You do not need to believe in your core light for it to work. Just as you do not need to believe or understand the nature of your heart for it to work. So in this manner you have nothing to lose by trying these practices.

Within each one of us there is a spark. This spark is called the core light. The purpose of the core light is to heal. Many of you have lost touch with this spark.  It is a perfect form of energy with only one purpose – healing. Many people’s  wounds are so extensive that they impair their ability to live in the world in harmony with themselves and others. The core light is very effective at healing these wounds.