You Are All Creators

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Things are different now than a millennium ago. Over this period you have stepped into your role collectively, as creators. This is cause for great celebration. You have the capability to answer all the prayers on the planet. This message reveals more about the nature of responsibility discussed in the message, You Are Responsible for Everything.

You now have the capability to answer all the prayers on the planet. With this message, I ask you to notice the imbalances on the planet. These imbalances are both places and conditions where there are more un-making than making. Anytime children are harmed or constrained from discovering their gifts this is a condition or side effect of un-making. Making is the intention, movement and energy of supporting growth and healing.

Intention is an important part of being a creator. Intentions aligned with growth and healing and service are very powerful and are self-renewing. For a creator who is aligned with growth and healing, the initial movements are always to listen, greet the world in-learning and to hold the intention to be of service. You Are All Creators is a message of great possibilities!

The practices introduced with this message are: 1) Inviting in Energies of Messages, 2) Coding Energy.

  1. asks the question what are building for the future?

  2. understands that to do no harm requires learning

  3. abandons violence and war to resolve differences

  4. leads the way "in-learning," doing no harm

This is a message of great possibilities. Whatever wounds exist we are capable of healing them. Whatever problems exist around the planet we are capable of solving them. You are asked to consider how you express the qualities of making and un-making. Un-making is the movement, however large or small, of diminishing, breaking down, harming people, relationships, the community, the environment.