Do No Harm

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Try saying these words very slowly placing long spaces between each word. Do... No... Harm... Everything is included and nothing is left out. Do No Harm. This is a message of discovery and awareness. Now if you take a critical, evaluative, judgmental approach towards yourself and others, this message will seem to have little life and light. I offer it to you with a different wrapping. My wrapping says discover, be awake in your relationships and discover what is natural. Follow what is natural.

Now I use words in big ways. So when I say the phrase “your relationships” I mean everything. Remember the principle of the first message Everything is Connected. So relationship means many things – your relationship with yourself, with your body, with your family, friends, neighbors, people far away, people closer in your communities, at home, at work, at play. Do No Harm in all these relationships. You also have a relationship with the planet itself, so Do No Harm in your relationship with the planet.

This does not mean make many, many, many rules and follow them so that you Do No Harm. It seems that you are already trying this and from my perspective it does not seem to be working very well. There is still much harm.

I am suggesting for you to be in-learning and to discover what is natural. To begin each relationship with being in-learning means that you discover who the other person is, what they care about, what they pray for. Now act from this place of in-learning rather than in-knowing, (as expressed by “I know what is best for you.”)

Here is a hint, the nature or natural state of relationships is to nourish one another. So when you act otherwise than to exchange nourishment you are likely doing harm. Now you could make a rule – oh I will never judge someone (which of course is not nourishing). Or you could focus on how could I act in ways that are nourishing.

The practices related to this Message are: 1) Waking Up, 2) Sense the Natural, 3) Acts of Kindness

Tell me, how do you greet other people and situations? Do rules, evaluations, and judgments determine how you behave? Rules do not help you to avoid harm.  A rule does not help you to connect with another person.  Knowing the answer does not help you to avoid harm. Do No Harm means to greet everyone and every situation in-learning.