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Introduction to the gift from the Voice

When times are tough, it's not enough to play the waiting game. A shortlist of resources to help you take action and get your career into gear.

How many sides of a situation can you see?

If you wish to be in-learning your constant friend is the ability to ponder to see all sides in a relationship or situation.

So how do you become wise?

The very first step in becoming wise is to speak the truth, speak your truth in a clear and non-judging manner.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they walk.

In any situation can you tell if you how you are walking in relationship to everyone else? Walking side-by-side provides wonderful oppor-tunities for growth and learning

How do you greet the world?

How you greet the world determines your experience of the world and how you act in response.

What is the nature of your gifts? 

Essential to your growth as a human being is your discovery of your gift. Gifts are for sharing. Every child has a gift!

Voice is the expression of your true being

Essential to your growth as a human being is the development of your voice. Those who listen are more likely to develop their voices.

What’s New

Most People Are Not Themselves

Sometimes people are aware of not fully being themselves. Are you aware of moments when you are not yourself? The solution is to reveal yourself.

Messages on Growth

The Tree and Man is a story about a stubborn man who meets a very wise tree and learns about providing, generosity, and importance of questions.

Would You Listen to a Talking Tree?

Intention and invitation are always a reflection of the nature of the relationship. Is your invitation to others automatic? Do you have more than one intention in your relationships?

Fundamental Skills of Being in Relationship

And a whisper began that spread across all the communities, “Men are better than women.” And another whisper spread, “You can own the land.”

The Great Myths that Control Experience

Within each of us is a a wonderful spark called the core light. It is a perfect form of energy with only one purpose – healing. You can learn to heal your wounds.

Healing Emotional Wounds

What does it mean to lead a better life?

There is a lot to be learned by how someone approaches leading a better life. What are you doing to lead a better life? How did you determine what to do?

Awaken your ability to express yourself and experience your relationships and the world in a rich dynamic way.

Wait for No One introduces a new wisdom tradition to help us develop our voices, discover our gifts, and rediscover the possibilities of what it means to be fully human. Ten messages are the building blocks to healthy vibrant relationships and flourishing communities.

Without judgment or criticism Wait for No One candidly describes many aspects of human dilemmas and offers simple ways to navigate out of confusing and troublesome situations and relationships. Both beginner and advanced practitioners of personal growth will find ideas and practices from which they can derive benefit

What would you like to learn about today?

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