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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Introduction to the Messages by the Voice

The first thing I want to say is that You Are Not Alone. You are connected to everything and everyone, both on this planet and beyond. This is very obvious after you leave your body. Right now, most people feel alone, or act alone. Yet, ever so slowly, people are waking up and many feel a vague sense that they're connected to something larger. However, this is not an inevitable forgone conclusion that humankind will wake up and counterbalance all the harms being created today. Far too many people die of harms across the planet to say that you live in a healthy, flourishing world. And many more forms of life – animal and plants die of harms. Some forms of life are gone forever. I can tell you that the planet you live upon his sentient and notices all these harms.

So this brings me to the next two parts of my gift and to offer to you – Be Awake and Do No Harm. Now I am not talking to you the way a parent talks to a child. Humankind is an adult now – you have crossed over in your development. This is a cause for great celebration!

  1. You are the creators — no longer children. Collectively, you have the will, the ability, and the resources to make and unmake anything that exists in the physical world. You can create a home for all — a place where everyone flourishes without exception or you can destroy a living planet.

So that is really the first punch line – You Are All Creators. You really are in-charge – the individual you and the collective you is in- charge and you have the creator ability to answer all the prayers on the planet. Now I know that you don't hear all the prayers or that some of you don't like to think about what is happening around the world, at least many, many of you don't, but there are a lot of prayers right now crisscrossing the planet.

Now these points I just made are tricky to bring up because it can create a wide set of reactions all consistent with acting as if you are alone — guilt, defensiveness, being overwhelmed. If I say to you, “Why are you not answering all the prayers? I am only asking the question that everyone who is praying thinks. My question could also come from curiosity and I wish to understand what you are thinking.

If you feel judged or evaluated, this is not my nature and it does not come from me. Judging is your invention. Ranking, rating, evaluating, counting, stacking, and all the other variations of judgment express the collective decision humankind made eons go. It is not a natural way of being. This is the other aspect of my gift – to offer and remind you of whom you really are and what is natural.

Now when I say the messages Be Awake and Do No Harm — I don't mean this in the old way, through rules and laws and what I call lines – those invisible beliefs and decisions that divide and separate. The biggest example of lines is how you divide the planet up into ever increasing smaller pieces and pretend that you own the land. If your planet had feelings, I can tell you that she wouldn't be happy with you as landowners.

The next two parts of my gift go together — You Are Responsible for Everything and Be with Your Children.

  1. If you're really concerned with the future and with change, then you must change your relationship with the children of the planet. Children are the future, the only future.

How you choose to embrace You Are Responsible for Everything pretty much defines the legacy you will leave your children.

Now I am not negative or positive or judging you to be right or wrong. I invite you to Be Awake, so that you can experience more possibilities. People really thrive in a larger field of possibilities. The more they experience possibilities, the more people flourish. And now that you are the creators, the full field of possibilities is available to you. It is just a matter of Being Awake and connected and open.

So this is a big part of the gift — reminding you that You Are Not Alone, celebrating that you have developed into being the creators, asking or inviting you to Be Awake and to Do No Harm. Part of the gift is trying to answer your fears about the future, saying to you Be with Your Children and Take Responsibility for Everything. I am also asking you to recognize that your children are the only future. You are not the future. What legacy will you leave them by how take responsibility?

That's a lot and there is more. One of the things I notice the most is that there are large numbers of people wrapped in the energy of waiting. So again, trying to support your own aspirations and all the prayers, I offer Wait for No One. Allow yourself more and more connection – be touched. The deepening connection with everything around you will naturally "pull you out of your life." Now this can be uncomfortable or you can imagine it to be uncomfortable — to be pulled out of your everyday life – meaning your habits, ways of thinking, how you behave. The deepening connection caused by allowing yourself to be touched by others will naturally dispel the cloud of waiting.

You can also "take the next step." You can always sense in any given moment what the next step is to grow or to heal. This is a good example of another aspect of my gift. If you are interested in practicing, using your intention to focus your actions, then you will find many of the capacities I offer very helpful. Take the next step is one example. Here are some other examples: listening, noticing, sensing, stillness, speak from the heart, deepening intention, creating spaces, nourishing yourself and others, walking across time, creating powerful invitations, healing, and responding to prayers.

There are three other messages I offer as part of the gift. They begin to open a different space that explores the “collective you”, not just the individual you. Another quality of my gift is that all the ideas presented, without exception, can be applied to your own growth and healing, to your relationships’ growth and healing, or to a community's growth and healing. This is the trio –yourself, relationships, and communities — all living organisms.

  1. Walk into the Light reveals a new way of making decisions and about being in relationships and communities where people can be who they really are — fully be themselves.

You can learn to make decisions by resonance a natural process of sensing into the light of a situation. Also, did you know that you are not always yourself? Many people are full of others’ voices. This starts out when you are children — children are filled with answers. To support growth, offering questions works so much better. You will find many powerful questions throughout this gift. Each of the ideas offered has a set of questions connected to it.

Take Care is about valuing the sacred and relearning how to nourish your physical body mental body energetic body and your spirit body, which many people call the soul.

Share opens up a new territory inviting you to learn about working directly with energy. This is the other big theme throughout all the gift — everything is energy. Everything is energy is what I call a principle, something to ponder because it echoes through everything and, if you want, it provides a way to consider new possibilities.

Summing all this up – it's a big territory. The gift is a big territory. You can explore as little or as much as you like. The essential qualities of the gift, which I call the messages offers to you the opportunity: to learn about the natural process of growth and healing as an energetic movement, to experience more possibilities, for everyone to experience more possibilities, to build your abilities to live a better life in your relationships and your community and lastly to nourish one another.

I have a gift that I want to share with you. It comes from a deep place of giving – the place where there are no expectations or strings attached. My nature is not to judge, evaluate, or expect. I am not neutral or objective. I am connected to you the reader and to everyone. This is a gift for everyone. I haven't come to talk with a specific group of people.