Walk Into The Light

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Expressing and sharing your gifts is a very strong form of Walk Into The Light. There might be the tendency to focus on the word “light.” The word “walk” is a very important part of this message. How do you sense where to walk? Now that you are awake you can trust your impulses. Your impulses are both reliable and trustworthy. This is a rich form of resonance. Previously most of your impulses were to seek comfort.

Walk Into The Light offers a different way for you to make decisions. Seek the light of the situation not what is best, or the least harmful, or what is right versus what is wrong. Seek the light of the situation.

Walk Into The Light also means standing in the middle of your gift and sharing it. You generate much light when you stand in the middle of your gift. People you name saints or holy seem so special because so few discover their gift and stand in the middle of their gift. Everyone is helped when you stand in the middle of your gift and share it.

When you Walk Into The Light you also surrender the burden of judgment. What relief to lay these heavy burdens aside. How much easier it is to move. This is not stopping judgment or suspending judgment. Did you know that you created judgment? It is a very difficult condition to live with. When you lay aside and surrender judgment, evaluating and ranking everything and everyone, your connection to the field of possibilities is far greater. You naturally experience more possibilities.

The practices introduced in this chapter are 1) Sense the Light, 2) Exploring Passion, 3) Stand in the Middle of  Your Gift

  1. abandons the old question of what is right and wrong

  2. asks what is the light in this situation - the light of growing and healing

  3. Knows that all lines are created.

  4. Does not fall into the great myths - The Myth of Being Alone, The Myth that lines are real (maps, beliefs, rules), The Myth of Time.

This is a message of strong, clear movement. The foundation for this message flows from being in-learning and from the message of Do No Harm. In every situation the light exists. The light is the light of growth and healing. We are as naturally drawn to growth. Often we can become disconnected from the light. The light is often hidden by judging, evaluating, and valuing what is “best.”

Practices of Walk Into The Light


The first practice of Walking Into The Light is to hold the stance of in-learning as you move through your day. Keep a journal. At the end of each pick 4-5 situations and reflect on the stance  you were in as you participated in the situation. Consider how well you were able to invite and hold diversity of opinions and beliefs? How open were you to influence? How was the quality of curiosity present in your day?


Practice your listening. The stance of in-Learning is always supported and accompanied by listening. Offer someone each day the gift of your listening. Look directly into his or her face. Take several deep breaths  and create the intention to listen. Hold the story they share, his or her thoughts, feelings, intentions in your hands for as long as you can. Do not advise or tell a story — listen and encourage them to speak. Practice this each day.


Sensing means to understand the nature, the qualities, the patterns and energy present both in an experience / situation and in a set of relationships. Sensing is a practice of noticing. Holding the stance of in-Learning opens the door for sensing.

In any experience in which you participate, practice using the questions of sensing.

  1. As a piece of music how does it sound,  how does the music move? As a painting what does it look like, what colors are present? As weather how would you feel, how does the wind move?

  2. What are the qualities present in this situation? How would you describe them?

  3. What is the nature of movement in this experience?

  4. What energies of the messages are present? What is missing? Always start with Your Are Not Alone to sense the nature of connections.

  5. How are people “walking together?” What might help them walk together?

  6. Does my participation in this decision, choice, dilemma, conflict support growth?

  7. What might want to emerge to create balance, growth, or healing?

Breathe if you become frustrated with your sensing and remember this is practice. Let the questions flow from the heart, imagining that the questions move outward from deep within your chest.


Hold the intention to Walk into the Light. Say out loud, “I chose to walk into the light.” Be specific for your situation. “I want to walk into the light in my relationship with... I want to walk into the light in this specific situation. I want to walk into the light when I make this decision. I want to walk into the light with this difficult situation.” Say this at rising, midday and at the end of day. Ask the question, “What is the nature of the light in this situation?” 

Stand in the Middle of Your Gift

This is more a journey than a practice. Use this visualization to help you. Imagine an open space. In the middle of this space is a warm, white-yellow-gold ball of light, taller than the largest person. Imagine your relationship to this ball of light. Where are you standing in relation to the light? Move as close to it as you like; move inside it. Feel the warmth and comfort and invitation of the energy. Say to yourself,“ The light is me and I am the light. Together we are a gift to all who we know and touch.” This is learning to stand in the middle of your gift. Remember Gifts are for sharing.