You Are Responsible for Everything

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


People are always trying to get you to be responsible or accountable, often they are trying to shift the blame. So I can understand that you might be cautious around this message. For many, responsibility is often paired with carrying a weight or being burdened. When I use the word responsibility it offers a movement of embracing the world, your life, and taking larger steps. This is energizing. And yes the message is You Are Responsible For Everything. This is a whole approach. This message treats everything as whole and connected. Trying to divide up who is responsible for what, leads to endless disagreements and leaves little time left to do something.

You Are Responsible For Everything is about healing. Within the nature of the word “Everything” there is a history of wounds and wounding.

This is also a message of inheritance. What did you inherit and what will you leave as an inheritance to your children? So anything you might decide that you are not responsible for, or that you just ignore, is left to the next generation. Today across your planet there are many inheritances that are untouched: physical harms to the planet itself, war, slavery, treatment of women, treatment of children, nuclear weapons.

You Are Responsible For Everything also begins with yourself and learning to nurture yourself. Most people comfort themselves. This is not the same as nurturing yourself. When you nurture yourself you are supporting your own growth and healing. Comforting yourself is simply soothing away any aches and pains.

This is also a message about learning to ask for help and offering help. It is a sign of strength to ask for help and a sign of generosity to offer help.

The practices connected to this Message are: 1) Practice Nonviolence, 2) Be Aware, 3) Discovering what your Life Force Needs, 4) Healing Emotional Wounds, 5) Shielding Yourself from Harm

This is a message of acceptance, of connecting to the past and present. Who is responsible for all of this? If we are not responsible for all that exists then who is? Will we say to our children - we, your parents, are innocent, not responsible. This is also a message of inheritance. What did you inherit and what will you leave as an inheritance to your children?