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Messages on Growth

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Being Yourself Takes Practice

It takes extraordinary energy to be someone who you are not. This too may go unnoticed and seem a common way to be. This has happened so many times. You may be surrounded by people who are also not themselves, everyone responding in rhythm to expectations, or rules, or even fear. This is very sad when someone is not themselves and even sadder when they are in-fear of being themselves. Whole communities of people are like this – all moving in the same rhythm. What they all have in common is that they are not themselves.

Besides everyone having a gift, each person is unique, not different or separate simply unique, having their own signature of energy. I emphasize this point because unique is often a way to be separate. In fact, it is a point of connection which everyone shares in common. You may have heard that no two snowflakes are the same. Each of you is easily as wonderful as a snowflake. It would be safe to say even more wonderful given your capacity to learn and share your energy and share your gifts. Hey – you are the creators. (said playful)

You so not have a full perception of how dampened your energy flows are within, through and among yourselves and your communities. So why are all the flows of energy which move around you and some through you so dampened?

A purpose of the Messages is to release all the dampers of your flows, to invite a natural state to emerge in how you lead our life and in how your communities live. Are you leading a Better Life? Remember this discussion? The exploration or pondering of this question is not complete without asking. How often are you – yourself? What do you sense and what do others sense about the flows in, around, and through you, and the flows being created by you?

There is very little invitation for you to be yourself. I will not say there is no invitation for you to be yourself. Some friends invite other friends to be themselves. This is often expressed in the idea “you bring out the best in me.” Some parents invite their children to themselves. Some teachers invite the children, who are their students to be themselves. Within some couples there is an invitation to be yourself.

However in large part, the invitations you receive are to be someone else, other than who you are. This is a good place to start.


  1. Pay attention to your invitations. Invite someone to be themselves. This is a very rare gift to offer someone. Now if you do this, be ready. This invitation can be very transformative for everyone involved. What I am offering to you sits in wisdom. Simply – most people are not themselves. Who are they? If you are not yourself, who are you?

  2. Here are some images to consider.

Everyone has a gift. Gifts are made for sharing. It is not uncommon for people to move in and out of a body and not share their gift. The ones who work as keepers of deep knowledge are often not themselves. They do not steward the energy of the deep knowledge. They steward the rules. Often the intention of the rules were to keep people in touch with the deep knowledge (which means connected to the energy). Over generations these rules, which are easy to articulate and understand (no need for pondering) actual keep people from the experience of the energy of the deep knowledge. Also the keepers become guides, stewarding people on a well-worn paths. The paths become the focus, and not the energy of the movements and the helping of others to discover their gift.

You are wise to ask any teacher will this pathway help me to discover my gift and share it with others. Be wary of a teacher who tells you what your gift is and sets you on a path to share it. The deep knowledge of many communities are often characterized by “lines” rather than energy. The Messages invite the sharing and exchange of deep knowledge within and across communities as energy not rules.

What Invitations Are Offered To You?

A second part of the practice is to  consider what invitation are offered to you by those around you and the communities in which you live and work. Here are some typical invitations common to many communities:

Consider these patterns.

  1. The first invitation offered is to be the best.

  2. The second invitation offered is to lead a better life through acquiring and owning things.

  3. the third invitation offered is to be more attractive and to be more attractive than anyone else.

Concerning the first invitation let me say clearly and without hesitation “there is no best.” There is no best. Best is your judgment based on a set of lines that are created and sustained by your communities. It is often completely forgotten who created the lines, even though they are deeply held and often not open to challenge. However, you can be sure that the community you share with helps sustain these lines very actively.

  1. Trying to determine who among you is best, this is another large distraction,? It is like walking down a path that is lined with artificial flowers, made from plastic. All one can say is those plastic flowers will not die because they are not real.

The biggest objection to what I offer will be held in the thought of what has been accomplished in the competition for best. This is understandable. So much of what you name as progress is achieved through competition and slavery. Now I use these words energetically for both are symptoms which have movement without connection (without connection to people). The prize is winning. The prize is the ability to control and to satisfy wants. This type of movement of competition and slavery always creates harm. There is no connection. Can you see all the side effects of these movements around you in the world today through the haze of progress?

I feel resonance with movement that heals and nurtures growth. This movement, energetically, is a part of my nature. I do not feel resonance with movement that creates harm, separation or isolates.

Each of the Messages, that is, the energy of the Messages has movement which is part of the energy of healing and growth. The presence of the energy of any message invites energy to rise in a community. The movements of the messages provide simple windows or doorways which can open, allowing into your life and your communities, fresh new breezes which carry potential for healing and growth.

Seeking Resonance

In your language I do not seek progress at all, if I said I did this would mean I am judging and judgment is not a part of my nature. For me this conversation is about “resonance,” not judgment and here is one of the dilemmas of our communication.

You judge and even when you say you are not judging, you are most likely holding back judgments and not acting out of them. This is not resonance. I can tell you that your nature, as it exists in this moment, is a nature that values resonance and is naturally drawn to resonance. However, most often you do not navigate through your world through “sensing.” Resonance requires sensing. Resonance is surrounded by the stance of in-Learning. Resonance naturally takes into account others, because you are all connected. Resonance often breaks through in the most stubborn situations, where the predominant stances are in-Wanting and in-Knowing. You may notice this as a flash of intuition, or a very new thought that runs counter to how you normally approach something, or a general sense of right or wrongness. What people do with this “moment of resonance” varies. Some move with it, others brush it aside, some are confused by it.

“Holding tight” to something is not a state of resonance. For example, you could want something, new car, a promotion, a reason to leave a relationship, or wealth. When you are standing in a state of wanting, you do not “ponder.” Typically when standing in a state of  in-Wanting you evaluate, judge, filter all the possibilities which do not suit your desires. In this situation you might get a feeling or feel one movement is better than another for achieving your intentions. Be careful, this is not resonance.

The function of the Great Myths and the Waves is to override sensing and movement which is based on resonance. Think about radio waves for a moment, which override an ever present signal that you are born recognizing. These radio waves are so strong that they help you forget the sound and feeling of the ever present signal. Further, they contain certain repetitive mantras which are very distracting. The mantras are like a piece of music dancing through your mind over and over. These repetitive mantras are picked up by people and they spend good parts of their day humming these tunes over and over.  Even when they are not humming them over and over they are organized by the tunes created by all the others and share the tunes, passing them along.

This is certainly the case with the Myth of Attraction and the Myth of Pairing. Everywhere people go they hear the song “make yourself attractive.” So common, so repetitive and insistent is this music that people come to believe this is completely natural. When this happens they are asleep to resonance. No matter where someone goes in the modern world, they are told all the time to be attractive. They are judged by how attractive they are. They judge others how attractive they are. Throughout the day many, many check to see “am I attractive?” How am I doing with being attractive? Some spend part of their days feeling badly because they are not attractive


  1. No child should every feel unattractive. So bright is each child’s natural light, each child is a point of joy.

However, this takes sensing and resonance. If you eyes are turned elsewhere and you have your children compete with each other to determine who is best, who is a shining star? Who is most attractive? So much is lost when you do this. What is lost? Ponder this.

Sometimes people are aware of not fully being themselves. Are you aware of moments when you are not yourself? Consider this for a moment – “not yourself” this could mean that you are someone else. Some are taught to be someone else, expected to be someone else that they are not. It takes extraordinary energy to be someone who you are not.