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The Book of Listening:
Realize Your Are Not Alone
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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Most people are not themselves. They have trouble finding their voice, discovering their gifts, expressing their gifts, and speaking the truth. At school, at work, even at home, there is not always an invitation to be yourself, to bring all of yourself forward. A good example of this is feelings and creativity. Feelings are not always welcome at school and they are not valued at work. It is the same with creativity. Often following rules replaces creativity. Speaking the truth is not always valued in your relationships. The messages help you to create a space, which invites you to Share – to be yourself. In relationships, often because of wounds, people do not reveal themselves. Share is both the last of the ten messages and the beginning of the next eight messages.

Share is also a message that teaches about the flows of energy that move across the planet. The “great myths” are such flows of energy, which stretch across generations. The myths reflect collective decisions and beliefs about the nature of your relationships. They distract and narrow your experience of possibilities. The messages and in particular the message of Share shines a light on the often hidden myths that can shape both relationships and large communities allowing you to make different decisions and experience more possibilities.

Share is a message of large, bold, clear, warm energy flows. This is a natural way of being – for there to be bold, clear, warm energy flows between people, between communities, and with the planet itself. 

The practices introduced in this chapter are 1) Invitation to Speak, 2) Invitation in Communities, 3) Creating Nourishing Living Spaces

  1. shares their gifts

  2. realizes that relationships, communities, societies, which share with intention are sustainable

  3. seeks to expand the experience for himself and others of the possibilities which exist in any situation

  4. opens to influence

This is a message of exchange and opening and influence.  Gifts are shared. New combinations are possible, new births take place --  among people and communities when the energy of this message is present.