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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


Nature of Voice

Voice is the expression of who we are, who we are, fully existing in the now.  There is no becoming who we are.  It all exists at once.  This is what you would call having a flash of genius, or an example of someone who experiences  seconds, minutes or a moment of complete oneness.  In this experience he or she feels the connection to everything and everyone.  This demonstrates that connection is always, always there.

Voice of course does not mean the spoken voice, the physical voice that uses words to communicate.  If this were the case, what would it say about the person, man or woman or child who has no physical voice?  Are they limited? – of course not.  The physical voice, the spoken word is your collective way of expression.  Collective means agreed to by many over many generations or repeated and affirmed by many generations.  I know of places, communities, who have voice and do not use spoken word to express who they are.  Even on your planet there are communities of artists and musicians who do not use the spoken word to express themselves.

What is the (deeper) nature of voice?  In your development as human beings there are two fundamental movements; the development of voice and the discovery of gift.  This is the growth process for children, to develop their voice and discover their gifts.

  1. When uncompleted in childhood, the movement towards completion resurfaces throughout the adult life.  I cannot stress enough how essential this process is to your nature as human beings.  When this process is incomplete there is a deep sadness – the sadness affects everyone.

How Children’s Voices are Affected

Most schools teach answers, not questions.  Answers fill children up.  They are occupied with memorizing and stopping the answers from leaking out.  Filling a child with answers does not develop their voice.  Now the development of voice is a natural process for every human being.  Those who teach children have a deep responsibility to help a child develop her voice.  Yet this often is not the case.

Most of your schools teach children to perform, to perform with excellence and to compete, to demonstrate how well they can perform.  This is an endless cycle for children – memorize, perform, compete – memorize, perform, compete.  This does not teach them about using their voice.  In fact they are discouraged from asking questions about anything they are curious about if it does not have to do with what is being memorized or required to perform.

  1. Children say to a child:

  2. Be part of our group, look like us, talk like us, pay attention to what we pay attention to.

  1. Children say to another child:

  2. Look at him, he is so silly and they laugh.  This of course is not the laughter of little children in delight.  This laugh has many sharp edges and will wound.  You are silly, not like us, we are more than, you are less than.

  3. Children choke on and choke back their voices in fear – fear of embarrassment, fear of shame, fear of loss, fear of criticism, fear of exclusion, fear of rejection, fear of isolation, fear of wounds, fear of standing out.

  4. Do not stand out, be invisible – all of this does not help a child develop voice.  Some will say “oh this is the right of passage for children”  “Yes some children can be a bit cruel - this is just the way of it .  this has happened to all of us at one time or another.”  Or they might say to a child, Mary, it doesn’t matter what the other children say, “sticks and stones will break my bones, names will never hurt me.”  No child should have to shield themselves from harm, wounding, or negative energy.

  5. So the adults say, “we will do nothing.  This is just the way of it.” Some teachers and those in charge of schools say, “this is not our responsibility to teach children how to behave, we teach knowledge. We have a curriculum to teach.”  The children who see this go on to another child do not say enough.

Consider this story:

  1. Once there was a school where many of the children loved to swim.  They were deeply connected to mastery of swimming.  Often they would swim together and would have contests to see who could reach the other side of the pond first.  There were no awards, there was no failure.  Those that swim the fastest and furthest would work with those who were still improving; sharing their tips and techniques, encouraging and providing feedback.  It was an honor to help someone else and everyone celebrated improvement.

This is a community of learners, it is moving towards the whole. Tell me, in how many of your schools is it an honor for one child to help another.  For the older, more experience and practiced students to help younger students?

  1. Here is a principle to consider.  It is an honor to be a learning partner, to help someone learn, or in this case to help someone on her journey to developing her voice.

Voice  means to express and reveal yourself, to be yourself, to share your song with others.  There are many forms and expression of voice:

  1. To speak with

  2. To create invitation for others to speak

  3. To speak from the heart

  4. To listen

  5. To speak with great passion and not attachment to form

  6. To help someone learn

  7. To answer prayers

  8. To be a witness and to speak

Remember in all of this, voice does not only mean to write or to speak words.  However, it is understood that this is a most common form of voice in your communities.

  1. To develop voice is to develop connection and then express this connection.

Noticing and sensing are key to the development of voice.  You see, voice is a vehicle for what is present and what wants to emerge.  If you are unable to notice, unable to sense, unable to listen, unable to voice the emergent, then there is work to do. It is your birthright, everyone’s birthright to be able to notice, sense, listen, touch the emergent and from this position to speak, give voice to what they notice, sense, listen (hear) and touch.  Children do this well.

Everyone understands that there are many harms committed to people, especially women across the breadth of the planet.  And yet this cycle continues over and over again, not just in one generation – across multiple generations, stretching into both the past and the future.  For example, there are harms happening to women today that will happen tomorrow and to the next generation of women.

Let me explain one of the reasons for this.  Those in the community around them have no voice and those in the community around the community have not developed their voice.  This is one reason why there is so much harm and so many silent voices.  Sometimes the victims of harm find their voice; however, no one should be harmed or wounded as a way to find their voice.  This, the development of voice, is part of childhood.

Yet generation after generation of children step forward without developed voices in both the poorest of communities and the wealthiest of communities.  I can say this because the people who are often victims are picked because they have no voice, because those who create the harm understand that, no one is listening and if they do hear they are not touched and will not speak out.

You live in a world where the voices of children and the beautiful chorus they create is silenced.  If you want to understand a deeper movement, then ponder this – “your children will save you.”  This is one of the movements of Be With Your Children – because they will help you develop your voice and if you help them develop their voice they will save you and the planet.

There are two intersecting flows of energy moving around the planet.  One is dwindling number of sacred places and second is the wave of slavery.  Slavery to bend the free will of another to serve someone’s wants or desire.  Slavery is the use of fear to narrow someone’s experience of possibility – to only one possibility; to do the will, respond to the wants of another.  Now this is a much broader expression of the word slavery than you would use.  This is the energetic definition of slavery.  I say this with deep respect for all those who are physically enslaved, through fear and violence.

I offer that the energy of slavery is present in all communities and that the physical form of slavery is present in most larger communities.  Simply, slavery is all over.  It is a great wave that exists moving through time and generations with no end in sight.  In this way, voices of millions are not united to develop and if they do start to develop, they are intentionally suppressed.  This is true for well over half of your planet.  The suppression of voice happens in big and small ways.  In every community, learn to ask the question, what is the invitation to speak?  In every community ask this question, how do we develop our children’s voices?

The development of voice is fundamental to everyone's growth. Voice is the expression of being – sharing who you really are. People who listen are much more likely to express who they really are. The expression of voice can happen in many ways speaking, music, art, writing, building, being.