Wait For No One

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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


If you wish, you can sense the nature of balance and quickly notice that many things are out of balance. Wait for No One is about balance, about sensing the nature of balance and about how to move when balance is absent. When I use the word balance I am not speaking about equal sides. Balance is a natural flow of energy among people and communities that supports growth and when necessary healing. These imbalances appear in your relationships, with your children, with your family, the relationship of your community with other communities, your relationship with the earth itself. Pretending independence, acting exclusively, competing for resources these are all signs of imbalance.

When there are great imbalances, the children are always affected first. Everyone is affected by the energy of waiting. I can say this with certainty because there are so many unanswered prayers and there are many imbalances that are not being addressed in every community.

It is everyone’s work to create balance in the world. No one is excluded. So ask yourself, “How am I creating balance in the world? How can I be more involved in creating balance in the world?” If you notice an imbalance and do not act then you are waiting.

Wait for No One also means to take the next step. In every type of relationship there is always a next step towards growth. Many people are not walking, not taking the next step. They are waiting – waiting to be discovered, waiting to be loved, waiting to be recognized, waiting for someone to come back, waiting to fail, waiting to be successful, waiting to be told what to do.

Waiting is not just an individual activity. Entire communities of people are waiting, even though they are aware of imbalances. This energy of waiting can be transformed with a single step towards growth and healing. The message Wait For No One offers many possibilities. 

The practices introduced in this chapter are 1) Notice Imbalances, 2) Take the Next Step

  1. stops waiting for others

  2. affirms herself, believes in himself

  3. steps our of slavery

  4. walks in the present

This is a message of recapturing what is lost or hidden. So much is lost in waiting, so much passes by as a person or community who waits. So many prayers go unanswered as a person or community waits for others to respond.