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How to heal ourselves and the planet we live on


How Do You Become Wise - Part 1: Speaking The Truth

Speaking the truth does require supporting energies. First and foremost to speak the truth you must Be Awake. Second, it is very helpful (supportive) if you Walk Into The Light. Young children frequently see the light. They certainly are naturally attracted to it. The third energy, which supports speaking the truth, is a deep connection with others, which grows from realizing You Are Not Alone. Children also naturally experience connection. Children naturally live in a state of called “honesty of need” which means they speak the truth.

Children naturally perceive what they need. The young infant cries to say, I am hungry, I want my body to be more comfortable. Infants soon learn that crying is the best way to communicate with those who care for them (having tried other ways to communicate). Everyone, starting as infants, thrive and are sustained and nurtured when energy is freely shared with them. This form of sustenance is as important as physical sustenance.  This is important – is as important as eating or drinking to be nurtured and sustained through energy, which is freely shared,. Now, this is something that you all understand and forget. The most central way that you share energy with one another is through physical contact. This is your most common way – there are other ways you share energy.

“I need a hug.”

“Just hold me.”

Greeting through touching:

Two friends holding hands.

Laying on hands for healing.

There are many writings about the importance of infants being held and the serious effects on them what they are not. When a mother breast feeds a child, the baby is being nurtured in three ways: the sustenance of the mother’s milk, the intimate physical contact, and the thoughts, feelings, and intentions (flow of energy) from the mother. All three are important. Often as adults, eating food is confused with the real need for sustenance or healing when energy is freely shared. When energy is withheld from someone, particularly an infant, it has a very powerful effect. A central reason why energy is often withheld is to pursue the intention of “my will over yours.”

Learning to Speak the Truth

Learning to – not speak the truth – is not the same as lying. Lying is only one form of not telling the truth.

Why does someone not speak the truth?

  1. 1.Fear – fear of rejection that someone will withhold energy

  2. 2.Harm - Hurting someone’s feelings

  3. 3.Wounds  - wounds that drive habits or addictions

  4. 4.Control – the energy of control of self or others

  5. 5.Want – the being in want frequently drives

  6. 6.Being in-knowing

Do not equate “not speaking” the truth with lying. The energy of not speaking the truth is far broader. Consider these examples of different people and why they would choose to not speak the truth.

  1. For years David watched his father be mean and cruel to his mother and he kept the family secret.

  2. Sarah loved Mark all through high school and only spoke the truth to herself in her diary.

  3. Twice Mark was criticized in class for expressing his excitement about coloring; embarrassed he became quiet and withdrew in his class activities.

  4. Afraid of being hurt or injured by the members of the gang they all kept silent about the crimes.

  5. When asked how she was feeling, Marta said she was just “fine” even though she felt bad.

  6. Peter wanted to say he was sorry but kept silent.

  7. Mabel wanted to suggest a new approach; concerned what others might think, she kept silent.

  8. With many thousands of people dying, the leaders within a country were not willing to intervene in the sovereign affairs of another.

Communities or “groups of others” can easily prevent someone from speaking the truth or they can support someone to speak the truth. Ask yourself, of the communities I share, how do they support me to speak the truth? The word community means at work, at school, at church, among your friends. Energetically, speaking the truth is part of your nature. When prevented by your choices, it creates an energy block which can lead to emotional and physical pain.

  1. More harm can come from not speaking the truth than from lying. People have developed a good set of sensing abilities to detect when another is lying, as this happens often. There is far less  ability to sense when the truth is not being spoken and needs to be revealed.

Speaking the truth is akin to the flow of blood in your body. It promotes health and well-being of the energetic body. You see, speaking the truth allows you to experience your connectedness to a wide variety of energies around you. This is recognized in many ways by your sayings:

“The truth will set you free.”

George Washington – “I cannot lie.”

Seventh Commandment – “Do not lie.”

“The greatest form of insanity is to know the truth and be forbidden to share it.”

“Confession is good for the soul.”

Speak the truth; help others to hear the truth. Trust that the truth is understood and seen by others. Some say they always speak the truth. Consider this example of Mary:

  1. Mary considered herself an extraordinarily honest person; she never lied to anyone in her recollection. She enjoyed her relationship with Mark very much. She wished he didn’t drink that much; once or twice she had mentioned something to him about this; he had laughed and told her not to worry. Mary was persuaded by this and did not bring it up again even though she was uncomfortable when he became intoxicated. Mary never told Mark how it caused her to feel, explained her discomfort or the source of her discomfort. She did not feel “invited” to speak the truth.”

What do you think? Mary thinks herself to be a truly honest person who speaks the truth? Do you think she speaks the truth? One day, Mary, after going out with Mark for two years decided enough was enough and left him because of her discomfort. What do you think? Would it make a difference to find out that Mary’s mother was an alcoholic and was very abusive to Mary and her two younger brothers when they were growing up?

Here is another situation.

  1. Mary did not leave Mark after going out for two years. One night Mark was driving home with his friends after a night of partying. He lost control of the car coming around the curve and one of his friends was paralyzed from the waist down.

Now, what do you think? Did Mary speak the truth of her concerns, fears, past wounds? Is she responsible for the accident? When something adverse happens, it is easier to see the energy of speaking the truth. Speaking the truth is not about what happens as a result of speaking the truth. Ponder this.

  1. Understand these are patterns of energy. When the truth is absent, the ability to grow and heal is not nurtured or encouraged. In some cases, when the truth is absent, it can create wounds and do harm. 

In the first situation, Mary was hurting herself by not “speaking the truth” each time she saw Mark excessively drinking. No one was more surprised than Mark when Mary left. One side effect of Mary not speaking the truth was that Mark could not fully see the opportunity of change. This because he had blinders on and did not invite the truth to spoken to him. Also no one offered to shine the light on his path for consideration.

Remember, “speaking the truth” is not telling the truth, revealing faults; nor is it lying. The energy of speaking the truth is grounded in the messages. It is grounded in the message You Are Not Alone. You do not have to see the light alone; others can help you. It is only through collective sight that healing and growth are possible, especially when wounds or generational wounds are present.  Do No Harm – speak the truth. Consider why you may not speak the truth?

  1. I did not speak the truth because I did not want to hurt his feelings.

  2. I did not speak the truth because I did not want to embarrass her.

  3. I did not speak the truth because I did not want to make her anxious.

  4. I did not speak the truth so as to be compassionate and not create discomfort.

  5. I did not speak the truth to protect others from their feelings about my words.

  6. I did not speak the truth to protect myself from my own discomfort at your reactions.

These are some of the movements of speak the truth: 1) See the light. 2) Speak the truth. 3) Speak the truth – tell no stories.  4) Dust off the truth for it is often covered up with many layers of dust.

The more you speak the truth (from learning), the more you see the light. Sometimes you say to your children, “speak only when spoken to”. Remember children speak the truth readily until they are taught otherwise. Most people learn not to speak the truth. Speak the truth does not mean being brutally honest, saying whatever you think or feel.  Often, being honest, even with the intention to Do No Harm involves telling a story which you have created and wrapped the label called truth around it. Consider this example

  1. “You are selfish and only interested in yourself and what you gain to further your goals. You don’t care about anyone other than yourself. There, I’ve said it, I’ve been brutally honest and spoken the truth!”

  2. “What is the matter, I can tell you are upset? “Okay, I wasn’t going to say anything. I tried to do my best to just pretend it never happened. Margo saw you and another woman at lunch last week, a very pretty, young woman. Well, she followed you and saw you go into the hotel with her. How could you? How could you betray me like that? Why would you do that to me? How could you? (anger, tears).

This woman believes that she is telling the truth, speaking the truth. She shares her true feelings about her husband having an affair with a younger attractive woman. Speak the truth with yourself first, know yourself. To know when you are “in-habit” is to speak the truth to yourself. To make interpretations and assume they are truth creates barriers to speaking the truth.

The Truth Can Require More Than One Person

Sometimes speaking the truth requires more than one person. When strong feelings are present, this is almost always the case. It can require more than one person to be “in-learning.” Here are some situations:

  1. Speaking the truth when high (strong) energy is present whether silent or expressed.

  2. Speaking the truth when wounds are active or habits are activated.

  3. Speaking the truth when generational wounds are held by one or many,   

One person can accomplish many things if they Walk Into The Light and speak the truth. This is someone worth listening to, and to be in-learning with. Remember this point, when feelings are strong others need to be involved to support speaking the truth.

By the way, everything Margo saw was accurate. Her husband was having lunch with a young, very attractive woman. He did go into the hotel with her after lunch. He also, ten minutes later, left the hotel with her, after picking up her bags and then took her to the train station. He was hoping to hire this young college graduate.

Energy Shifts

When the truth is spoken energy shifts. Everyone notices when energy shifts. This can happen in a variety of ways: when a conversation, lecture, sermon goes from boring to very interesting; when revenge shifts to forgiveness; when attraction shifts to love; when simmering irritation boils over in yelling; when bravado (ego) shifts to vulnerability; when lying is replaced by candor; when someone speaks the truth.

There are many forms of speaking the truth. The most familiar form is when someone says what everyone knows and chose not to speak aloud. In the case of the death of a colleague, many knew she had an addiction to alcohol, yet, both during her life and at her wake no one would speak the truth of the matter, until the young student raised his voice. This is also the case with the corruption in the chinese village.

At this time, one of the chief characteristics of speaking the truth is that many are awake to the truth and choose not to speak of it. When this silence occurs, it can severely limit opportunities for growth and healing.

The second common characteristic of speaking the truth is that an energy shift occurs and can be observed in either the quality of listening that follows or in the very moment when someone speak the truth. It is a very strong invitation for others to be in-learning when you are in- learning. This energy shift can also be observed in the acknowledgment and appreciation, which is shown to the person who speaks the truth. In this manner, speaking the truth gives voice to a silent community.

Truth Is An Energy Force

For human beings it is a natural state to speak the truth.  Speaking the truth is as important as breathing, if you are to continue to grow and heal. Can you follow this winding path I am describing? At the heart of all this, the messages are to help you grow and heal. They come at a time where healing and growing is very important to everyone all over the world and to future generations.

I have said children are the future. Speaking the truth ensures that future will be rich with opportunities. This is a major dilemma facing humankind. Over the generations decisions have been made which have narrowed the options you see for “how to be” in situations ranging from friendship, to how you see leadership and fellowship, to how you handle conflict and disagreements, to how you deal with war or the threat of war, or even how to raise your children!  

First and foremost you must “speak the truth.” Young children speak the truth unless they have been criticized for it. Children are born into the world speaking the truth. This is a key trait of any wise person. If this trait is natural and we are all born into the world speaking truth, what happens to us? Why are there so few wise people?